A mortgage pre-qualification is done by reviewing your credit history, employment length, income, and assets. This information is used to determine which loan program will result in the best terms for your situation. Then a pre-qualified letter is given to you.

A pre-qual letter is the lenders estimate of the amount of a mortgage you qualify for, the interest rate, and the down payment required (if any). This information can help you select the price range to shop for. Also many realtors will require you to get a pre-qual before they start showing you homes. And most home sellers will want you to give them a pre-qual letter when you make a purchase offer.

 Texas Capital Mortgage offers pre-qualification without charge or obligation. In most cases a pre-qual can be done in a few hours. We can also discuss your loan options and answer your specific mortgage questions.

 In many cases there will be several mortgage programs to select from. We can help you choose the best program for your needs.

The next step is pre-approval. That can be done before or after you have a purchase contract. Additional information is collected and your loan is submitted for approval.

Our goal is to provide you with the best rate and terms and to make the process as easy as possible for you. Please call one of our loan officers for more information.

If you are ready to request a pre-qualification, select the link for that page.

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